Apteka 2014 Post release



The 21st edition of the International Specialized Exhibition „APTEKA-2014” ended the pharmaceutical industry’s exhibition season. The show took place on 8-11 December 2014 in CEC „Expocentre” within the Russian Healthcare Week.

„APTEKA” exhibition has obtained the status of UFI Approved Event, and is held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. „APTEKA” has been actively supported by the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, „Pharmacy Guild” Non-Commercial Partnership, „Soyuzpharma” Association.

According to the exhibitors, participation in the exhibitions is very relevant for the developing pharmaceutical business now more than ever, as they serve as efficient business platform for searching new partners and introduction of products to the new markets. „APTEKA” is the most representative pharmaceutical exhibition in Russia, contributing significantly to the Russia’s social healthcare programme implementation.

„APTEKA” exhibition favours the implementation of modern approaches in the pharmacy business management, contribute to the promotion of medical products and OTC drugs made in Russia, and the expansion of product range on the pharmaceutical market„

Alexander Rybakov

Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

200 companies from 17 countries participated in „Apteka-2014”, including Belarus, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, Croatia.

The exhibition was attended by over 10,000 visitors, 95% of them represented medical or pharmaceutical communities: medical practitioners, managers of pharmacy chains, pharmacists, developers, manufacturers and distributors of drugs and medical cosmetics, healthcare authorities.

A long-term cooperation with reliable partners is essential for any business, company or event. „Design-Vector”, „Obnovleniye”, Diamir-K„, „Tatkhimfarmpreparaty”, „Lekus”, „Tandem-West”, „Zeldis Pharma”, „Dizao”, „Spargo Technologies”, ABC-Med„, „Violent”, „Infarma 2000” are among the regular exhibitors at „APTEKA” show for many years.

This year Belarussian companies were widely represented at „APTEKA” exhibition, including Borisov Medical Preparations Plant, a regular „APTEKA” exhibitor, „Minskinterkaps”, „Amateg”, „Galateyafarm”, „Modum — Nasha Cosmetiсa”, „Hermes-A”.

„We participate in the exhibition since its very first edition, as we consider the Russian pharmaceutical market the main strategic platform for our products. I feel pity for those manufacturers that have not exhibited this year, since this is a must-attend event for the company development”

Irina Platonova,

Sales Director of Borisov Medical Preparations Plant

The collective expositions were traditionally very popular among the visitors. The leading medical and pharmaceutical companies of Altai, one of the biggest biotechnological centres in Russia were represented at the consolidated exposition of the Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster. Companies from Kirov region demonstrated their products and services on a collective exposition hosted by the Export Promotion Centre.

Every year the exhibition presents new companies and names. According to new exhibitors, the exhibition provides a foothold in the market thanks to the promising contacts and relations established during the show. Among the new exhibitors of „APTEKA-2014” there were: „Komfortika”, „Laima Lux Rus”, „Koryakmoreprodukt”, Krasnye Vorota„, „TIMED”, „DrLuiggi” (Croatia), „Gohar Shafa” (Iran), „Mir-Farm” together with „Birgi & Mefar” (Turkey), „Hankintatukku Oy” (Finland), Farmaklon.

„Now it is very difficult for any company to survive without new contacts, partners and customers. I think that ‚APTEKA’ exhibition is a good chance for the company development, and this chance should not be missed. Our stand was visited by both buyers and potential partners all the time”.

Aleksey Krasnopolsky,

Key Account Manager, „Open Distribution Company”

China has significantly increased its exposition and was represented by 15 companies.

The Department of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha Medicine and Homeopathy (AYUSH) of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India took part in „APTEKA” for the first time together with the Ayurveda Russian-Indian Association (ARIA), which promotes the development of traditional Ayurveda in Russia.

The key event of the exhibition’s programme was the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum. The topics highlighted during the Forum are of considerable importance for the experts as they offer practical solutions to the problems the industry is facing today. The Forum aroused a great interest among industry specialists due to relevance of the topics in such difficult times for the Russian economy. Several sections were dedicated to summarizing the passing year results and the forecasts for the coming year. According to Sergei Shulyak, the General Director of DSM Group, the domestic pharmaceutical market will show a 9% increase in 2015.

The discussion covered the following topics:

  • Systemic problems in the modern pharmaceutical industry. Regulatory role
  • Russian pharmaceutical industry: mission possible. Local manufacturing development
  • Everything will change tomorrow. How to run pharmacy business in 2015
  • Current status of Private Label development: why do we need that?
  • Promising ways to use polymer materials for wound healing
  • Benchmarks of pharmacy activities in 2014
  • Sales management in a pharmacy: the importance of skills improvement
  • Pharmacy in the focus. Summarizing the results of the All-Russian Congress of pharmaceutical specialists
  • Hospital pharmacy: a myth or reality?
  • History of Ayurveda in Russia. Ayurvedic treatment principles. Ayurvedic medications and food supplements
  • New norms and regulations in control and supervision of drug and healthcare products circulation
  • Efficient pharmacy manager: an adequate response to the current challenges
  • Successful marketing strategies in pharmacy sales
  • Food supplements market: state, regulation and development trends

The Forum presentations are available on the exhibition’s official website.

The Organizer of the Exhibition and the Forum: „Euroexpo” LLC. (Moscow), a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), and Euroexpo Exhibitions & Congress Development GmbH (Vienna).

See you at the 22 International Specialized Exhibition „APTEKA-2014” that will be held on

7-10 December 2015 in CEC „Expocentre”

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