Sviaz-ExpoComm 2013 is open!


The official opening ceremony of the 25th edition of Svyaz-Expocomm exhibition dedicated to telecommunications, control systems, IT and communication services, and World. Information. Communications specialized exposition of information and communication leaders took place at CEC “Expocentre” Krasnaya Presnya on 14 May 2013.

Igor Chursin, the Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency, said in his welcome speach: “The communications sector shows the rapid development, defining the society development vector as well. Information and communication technologies are one of the key factors of economic renewal, efficiency improvement of state administration, national security, social, and targeted assistance, improvement of healthcare system, education, housing and communal services. For many years this exhibition has not lost its relevance, being the most important platform for demonstration the latest developments in information technology and communications, a meeting place of industry professionals and state authorities. This year the exhibition demonstrates the latest telecommunication achievements and outlines the future partnerships prospects of business and scientific communities. I am confident that the exhibition that holds the international status, will further strengthen the mutually beneficial relations between Russia and other countries in the field of high technologies and communication, providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and to discuss the most pressing issues, and to identify the ways of innovative technological upgrade of the communication industry in Russia and the partner countries.”

Igor Sheremet, the member of the Military and Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation welcomed the exhibitors and guests on behalf of Dmitry Rogozin, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation: “Looking through the history of the exhibition, we can trace the progress of Russian telecommunications industry and its integration into the global system. For many years the exhibition has acted as a powerful catalyst for the development of the domestic communication and telecommunication industries. In recent years the role of the show has considerably increased in the context of the declaration of the governmental policy aimed at country’s innovative development. As we all know, the life quality of people depends directly on the level of information technologies development.”

Nikolay Pozhitkov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation Commission for the Council of the Federation Performance Maintenance Monitoring drew the guests’ and exhibitors’ attention to the importance of the exhibition within the preparation of the Law on Communication as “an event that helps to understand the level of telecommunications development in the country.”

According to Vladimir Kononov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and High Technologies, the head of the State Duma working group on legislative initiatives in the field of innovation policy, the exhibition shows the real results of innovation process that takes place in Russia. He also described the exhibition as the biggest ICT event in Russia, the CIS and Eastern European countries.

Igor Korotin, the Director of the Department of Exhibitions and Fairs of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation sent the greetings to the exhibitors and guests from the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation: “Everyone who wants to be present in the Russian communications market should participate in the exhibition. The event covers the issues of investments, modernization and the promotion of export-oriented Russian enterprises. This is particularly important in the context of WTO accession, which opens new opportunities for our exports, but at the same time solves the problems of attracting and adaptation of international experience to our realities.”

The speakers wished the guests and exhibitors efficient and successful work at the exhibition.

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