AUMA survey confirms exhibitors pursue a wide range of goals at trade fairs

AUMA survey confirms exhibitors pursue a wide range of goals at trade fairs 30.05.2013

The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry AUMA has conducted a survey of exhibitors’ goals at trade fairs. German exhibitors fully exploit the main purpose of trade fairs, that of making direct personal contact with the customer. Customer-related objectives are the focus of participation in nearly every trade fair, with most exhibitors pursuing a number of different goals at the same time. These are the findings of AUMA_MesseTrend 2013/2014, a representative poll of 500 selected companies exhibiting at trade visitor oriented events. AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, had tasked TNS Emnid with this survey.

On average, German exhibitors formulate more than nine different goals which they aim for at trade fairs. The five most important objectives are to increase awareness of their company (96%), cultivate customer relations (95%), attract new customers (93%), improve the image (91%) of their company and/or brand, and to present new products and services (87%). Concluding sales and contracts, both during and after the fair, is equally important. Close to three-quarters (73%) of all companies have this goal in mind when exhibiting at trade fairs.

The number of companies in search of new employees at trade fairs has increased. 15% of exhibitors target looking for new employees, thus managing to save part of the high recruiting costs. Among companies with a turnover of more than 50 million euros the figure is actually 29%. Only 7% of all exhibitors mentioned this as a goal in the same survey four years ago.

One in two companies aims to establish new marketing channels at trade fairs. 58% of exhibitors, a marked increase, stated this as a goal as opposed to 43% in the last survey.


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