MITEX starts TV and Radio Advertising Campaign

MITEX starts TV and Radio Advertising Campaign 23.10.2012

MITEX opening is near at hand, and the trade visitor promotion campaign has been reaching its most active phase. On October 15 we have launched the TV campaign on NTV and TV Centre channels, and on November 1 we start the radio campaign on Retro FM, Radio 7, Keks FM.

TV and radio advertising is part of a MITEX visitor promotion campaign that includes advertising in specialized printed media, website promotion and contextual advertising in the internet, as well as information and news publishing at the major specialized internet portals. The Organizers sent regular electronic newsletters to the potential visitors during the promotion campaign. Over 20,000 complimentary invitations were sent to the regional specialists by the Russian Post late September.

This year MITEX expects over 10,000 visitors.

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