Piece of news for posting on the website Apteka and Euroexpo

Piece of news for posting on the website Apteka and Euroexpo 26.04.2011

The International Specialized Exhibition «Apteka» which is usually held within the framework of the Russian week of public health by company «Euroexpo was highly appreciated by the United Association of Fair Industry (UFI) and got an official status of «UFI Approved Event» at the meeting of UFI’s board of directors in Hanover (Germany).

UFI mark given by overall criterion such as effectiveness of event, latest achievements and best world practices, amount of visitors-specialists, is the recognition of its high quality on the part of the world community.

Constant audit passing carried out by independent auditing companies is a mandatory requirement for getting the status «UFI Approved Event». Hereby UFI mark is a guarantee against statistics corruption— amount of participants and visitors of the exhibition «Apteka».

In 2010 about 216 companies from 16 countries all over the world and 21 cities and regions of Russia participated in, and about 9.970 people visited this exhibition. Total area of display is 4.661 sq. m.

In 2010 the exhibition «Apteka» will be held from 5 to 8 of December 2011 in the Central Exhibition Complex. It promises to be more large-scale and interesting than previous one.



Company «Euroexpo» was founded in 1995 and nowadays it has more than 12 annual specialized exhibitions in its portfolio. Foreign office of the company «Euroexpo» is situated in Vienna (Austria).

The UFI is the biggest specialized organization, which integrates both international and national associations of fair industry and the biggest exhibition contractors.

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