PRESS RELEASE Of the 17th International Specialized Exhibition “Apteka 2010” (“Pharmacy 2010”)


Moscow will host the 17th International Specialized Exhibition “Apteka-2010” from 6th till 9th of December. The exhibition is organized by “Euroexpo” company. The exhibition is supported by the Commission on Health Care and Public Health of the Moscow City Duma, as well as leading industry associations: the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Association of Pharmacies “SoyuzFarma”, Association for the Advancement of Medical Information Technology, Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations Union.

For the second consecutive year, the exhibition “Pharmacy” is held in Central Exhibition Centre “Expocentre” in hall No. 3 in conjunction with the International Exhibition “Healthcare” as part of Russian Health Care Week.

In the course of the years, the exhibition “Apteka” has become the main event, a meeting place for professionals of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Every year the exhibition is attended by leading operating companies, manufacturers and suppliers of medicines.

This year's exhibition “Apteka” is attended by over 200 companies from 16 countries: Belarus, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, Denmark, India, Italy, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, Turkey, the Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.

Russia is introduced at the exhibition by the following cities and regions: Barnaul, Bryansk, Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Ryazan, St. Petersburg, Stavropol, Tver, Tula, Orenburg, Ufa; Volgograd, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ivanovo and the Ryazan regions; the Altai and Stavropol Territory.

Exhibitors include such well-known domestic and foreign companies as Innovation Centre “1C Rarus”, “Altay biopharmaceutical cluster”, SPC “Eskom”, plant “Medsintez”, “N.A. Semashko Moskhimfarmpreparaty”, “Borisov Plant of Medical Substances”, “Design Vector”, “Proektika”, “Tandem-West”, “Tatkhitmfarmpreparaty”, “Farma Garant International”, “Mann & Schroder Russland”, “Dr Reddy`s Laboratories”, Himedia Laboratories, Rotapharm Pharmaceuticals.

The exhibition “Apteka” presents all the diversity of healthcare industry: pharmaceuticals, medical products, skin care products, homeopathy, mineral water, aromatherapy, BAA and phyto-products, parapharmaceutics, dentistry, orthopedics and massage and sanitary products, products for newborns, pharmacy equipment, medical equipment, information and consulting services, etc.

Total exhibition area - 5500 square meters.

The exhibition is annually visited by representatives from all sectors of the medical community: practitioners, pharmacists, developers, manufacturers and distributors of medicines and skin care products, health officials.


A distinctive feature of the exhibition “Apteka” is its rich scientific and practical program. Within limits of the event there is annually held the International Medical and Pharmaceutical Forum, sponsored in 2010 by the company “KSTgroup” together with “Euroexpo”. The Forum involved experts of all areas of pharmacy and medicine: the representatives of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains, medical practitioners, professors, and representatives of the governmental authorities. In 2010, the Forum will consist of the following sections:

“The main aspects of government regulation in the drug market”

  • State regulation of the pharmaceutical market and medical equipment. The main aspects and mechanisms
  • Basic principles of enforcement activities in the pharmacy circulation field
  • Pricing and price control on drugs

“The Picture of the domestic pharmaceutical industry in the pharmaceutical market interior” (Organizer - Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers)

  • On state support of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Government incentives and guarantees
  • GMP Implementation and product quality issues
  • Opportunities for import substitution. Local production
  • Innovation. Formation of pharmaceutical clusters
  • The real situation within Russian generics sector in the post-crisis period
  • Prospects for work in a customs union.

“Pharmacy Business Modernization. Where to start?” (Organizer - Non-Profit Partnership “Aptechnaya Gildia”/“Pharmacy Guild”)

  • Pharmacy Business Modernization. Where to start?
  • Pharmacy of the Future
  • Retail Pharmacy today and tomorrow. Analytics and statistics
  • Modernization of improvement cycles of pharmacists for pharmacies
  • Regional perspective on modernization of pharmacy business

“The pharmaceutical market of retail network. Reviews, analysis, development trends (organizer - the newspaper “Farmatsevtichesky vestnik”/“Pharmaceutical Reporter”)

  • Regional markets of retail network after the crisis. New cycle of consolidation
  • Growth Strategy of federal pharmacy chain in the local markets
  • Construction strategy of multi-format pharmacy chain on the example of “Rigla” Company

“Non-pharmaceutical marketing in the pharmaceutical retail” (Organizer - Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing (RAPM)

  • The changing role of medical representatives and pharmacists in pharmacies
  • Major trends in the pharmaceutical market development in Russia. First results of 2010
  • Development features of pharmaceutical sales in the Russian Federation in 2009-2010.
  • Strong and weak points of marketing of its own brand
  • Impact of the minimum pharmacy range list on the company’s marketing strategy

“Laws of Authority and Laws of Seduction in the Pharmacy Business” (organizer – pharmacists postgraduate professional education faculty (PPEF) of the 1-st Moscow State I.M. Sechenov Medical University)

  • “Think what you want, but act like everybody”. State regulation of pharmacy business - the rules of the game.
  • “It is what you gather, organize and use information that defines either you win or lose”. Balanced system of evaluation indicators of the pharmacy organization activities.
  • “Conquer the hearts and minds of others”. Epicurean offers of pharmaceutical range products
  • “Education is like money, you should have a lot, otherwise you will still look poor”. What and how to teach the staff.
  • “Try to make people dependent on you”. Choice management of dosage form.
  • “Never do yourself what others can do for you”. Competition of cooperation programs for leading pharmaceutical companies.

“Pharmacy market. Legal reset” (Organizer – Association of Pharmaceutical Institutions (API) “Soyuzfarma”)

  • Legal basis for postgraduate training of pharmaceutical employees
  • Pharmacy organizations activity in the context of changing legislation
  • How to behave during inspections? Regulatory framework and practical recommendations
  • Regulatory framework of pharmacies support as small and medium business subjects

“Strategies for pharmacy chains under the changed market conditions” (Organizer - Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains (RAPC)

  • Forecasts on development and profitability level of the largest pharmacy networks in 2010
  • Federal and regional pharmacy chains. Continued expansion or stabilization
  • Range management and stocks optimization- as the basic strategies of retail networks under challenging market conditions

“Pharmacy and pharmacist. Quality service at the pharmacy: what is it and why?”

  • Pharmacist – consultant or vendor?
  • Does the service influence the sale
  • What should the pharmacist do to make the buyer satisfied
  • Practical recommendations

Symposium. “Medsoft-Farma: information and communication technologies in modern pharmacy” (Organizer - Association of Medical Information Technologies Advancement)

  • ICT in the pharmacy field
  • Key provisions of the concept of building a unified information and linguistic space in the drug market
  • “Lingvafarm” – new information technology of data exchange in a single information and linguistic space in the field of health service and pharmaceutical benefits.
  • Experience in implementing modern logistics technology in hospital pharmacy operation during implementation of “1C: Medicine. Hospital Pharmacy”
  • Increase of pharmacy sales. The latest IT technologies.
  • Internet as an effective means of increasing sales at the pharmacy’s
  • “Pharmaself” – your robotic pharmacy

“Competitive struggle: making a bet on ....” (Organizer – the journal “Rossiyskiye Apteki”/“Russian Pharmacies”)

  • Competitive struggle in the context of legislative regulation
  • Establishing the system of differential pricing
  • Influence tools in the seller’s activity

“Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy Day. Influence of higher education institutions on the development of the pharmaceutical market”*

  • Influence of higher education institutions on legal regulation of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Researches on development of new drugs based on domestic pharmaceutical substances
  • Development of new medicinal compounds on the basis of dimephosphon
  • Colloidal drugs in cardiology practice. Pharmacoeconomic assessment
  • Loyalty assessment of pharmacy personnel of pharmacy organization
  • Pharmacoeconomics in the diagnosis of bronchial asthma
  • Rational use of antibiotics at health care facilities

Participation in the Forum has traditionally been free.

The History of Exhibition:

In 1994, the exhibition was held at the Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh” (CEH “Manege”). Since 1999, the exhibition is held in the Sports Complex “Olimpiysky” (SC “Olympic”). In the period since 1994, “Apteka” was held in Moscow and other Russian cities for more than 15 times (St. Petersburg, Kiev and others).

In 2009, the exhibition company “Euroexpo” and CEC “Expocentre” join their forces for the simultaneous holding of two major exhibitions on medical and pharmaceutical topics – the 16th International Exhibition “Apteka” and the 19th International Exhibition “Healthcare” – as part of RUSSIAN HEALTH CARE WEEK from 7th till 10th of December 2009 at the exhibition ground of “Expocentre”.

Euroexpo Company


“Euroexpo” Company (

“Euroexpo” LLC is the largest organizer of exhibitions and conferences in Russia. The company was founded in 1995.

The main focus of “Euroexpo” activity is the organization of international specialized exhibitions. There are held annually 14 specialized exhibitions in various areas: Domestic Construction Materials (DCM); MATTEX (engineering equipment, energy-saving technologies and materials for buildings and constructions); AQUASPACE (swimming pools, saunas, spas); CLIMATE WORLD (Exhibition of HVAC equipment, ventilation, commercial and industrial refrigeration); GARDEN TOOL (Exhibition of tools and equipment for gardens and parks); INVESTMENT. BUILDING. REAL ESTATE - REALTEX; PIPELINE TRANSPORT; World. Information. Communications (International Exhibition of telecommunications equipment, control systems, information technology and communications services); PHARMACY (Pharmaceutical Exhibition); RECREATION/Leisure (Travelers’ Exhibition); MIBEXPO Russia (Exhibition of business tourism); LUXURY Leisure (Exhibition of exclusive tourism); MITEX (“All variety of instrument”); MERA (Measurement equipment and Automation).

Each event is accompanied by a massive advertising campaign in the mass media.

The high quality level of organization and holding of exhibitions by “Euroexpo” is recognized by government organizations and international professional associations. Since August 2000, “Euroexpo” is a member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce (MCC), and since December 2001, it is a full member of Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF). In 2010, the Exhibition Company “Euroexpo” became a full member of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in the category of “Organizer of the exhibitions”. The sign UFI shows recognition by the international community of high organizational level of events and is considered to be one of the highest achievements in the exhibition business.

“Euroexpo” constantly improves the quality level of the exhibition service for exhibitors and visitors. The company was among the first in the region that have successfully implemented and certified the quality management system (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of international quality standard ISO 9000 in the leading certification system BQI (Bureau Quality International).

Exhibitions by “Euroexpo” promote the development of the market in which they specialize, the establishment of business contacts, increase of business ties and prosperity of business.

KSTgroup CompanyCo-organizer of the International Business Medico-Pharmaceutical Forum:

“KSTgroup” Company is the organizer of various forms of personnel training for pharmaceutical industry. Company profile is – all-Russian meetings and conferences, consulting seminars, training cycles, trainings and business tourism. “KSTgroup” is a part of holding company “Bionics” and uses a powerful potential of the entire group of companies – newspapers “Farmatsevticheskiy vestnik” (“Pharmaceutical Reporter”), the Center for Marketing Research “Pharmexpert”, advertising agency “Aaron Lloyd”, employment agency “Selektum”, etc.

“KSTgroup” is a team of professionals, all staff members have experience in organizing various events, ranging from small regional seminars up to large pharmaceutical forums.


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