Organization of exhibitions

The organization of specialized international exhibitions is the main activity of Euroexpo Company.

A team of exhibition professionals has been formed in the company over the last years in order to organize 11 specialized exhibitions at the high level annually.

Professionalism and a professional exhibition services, including construction of exhibition stand are the fundamental principles of our team.

The quality of our exhibitions is guaranteed by the company’s well-defined structure, and each department operates for overall success:

  • The exhibition department — the whole organizational process starting from exhibition’s concept, reservation of spaces, sales and organization of parallel programs — specialized seminars and conferences.
  • Marketing and advertising department — visitors’ promotion.
  • Technical department — technical services for exhibitors, mounting and dismantling of expositions and exhibition stands.

EuroexpoStand Company renders the services of exhibition stands’ design and construction.

EuroexpoEvent offers a wide range of services for all kind of events of any format and difficulty. With our 11-year experience, the awareness of the latest trends and event technologies, strong partner relations with contactors, as well as the knowledge of all and strengths & weaknesses of different venues, we can offer exceptional scenarios for your events that can satisfy and surprise even the most demanding clients. As a brand EuroexpoEvent belongs to EuroexpoEvent Studio, that is also specialized in exhibition personnel (stand assistants, promoters, entrepreneurs, hostesses) and catering services.