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The Guild of Jewellers – 2006

26 Января 2007
From October, 2 till October, 5th in CEH Manezh the exhibition of manufacturers of jewels " Guild of jewellers-2006 " is opened. Jeweller production and household metal products of known Russian manufacturers will be presented at the exhibition. Visitors can see unique ornaments, hours, souvenirs from precious metals and stones. At an exhibition The samples of packing and the special process equipment will be also presented. The beautiful part of the exhibition became «City of Brilliants ». The exposition of «City of Brilliants » became the first successful result of cooperation of two companies – the Euroexpo and Vars. The Design-project of «City of Brilliants » has been developed by Vars company, and an embodiment of the project - a merit of Euroexpo. Such cooperation of two known companies-builders – is enough unusual occurrence which, as a result, has formed a basis of a lay-out of the exposition of exclusively high quality. We congratulate our partners, Vars company, with the first experience in common realized project and we express confidence that the exposition of «City of Brilliants» will begin long-term and successful cooperation!
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