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Apteka 2013 Post release

20 Декабря 2013

The 20th Anniversary edition of the International Specialized Exhibition “APTEKA-2013” was held on 9-12 December 2013 in CEC “Expocentre” within the Russian Healthcare Week.

“APTEKA” exhibition is an important industry-specific event that brings together the pharmaceutical industry experts: manufacturers and distributors of drugs, retail and chain pharmacies, pharmacists, and pharmacy chemists. Every year the exhibition demonstrates the whole variety of pharmacy products: drugs, medical products, medical cosmetics, nutraceuticals, baby food and products for newborns, health food, furniture and equipment for pharmacies, pharmaceutical substances and ingredients, pharmaceutical and medical packaging, information technologies in pharmaceutical industry and medicine.

“This year we celebrate the anniversary of our favourite “APTEKA” exhibition! “APTEKA” is one of the most well-established exhibitions in the pharmaceutical industry, and the only show that over the years has proved to be an important platform for business communication, experience exchange and discussion of industry’s topical issues”
Nelly Ignatiyeva,
Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Executive director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains

Comparing to 2012, the exhibition increased the number of participating countries: 235 companies from 27 countries demonstrated their products and services at “Apteka-2013”: Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, the UK, Germany, Greece, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, the USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, South Korea. Russia was represented by 32 cities and regions: Altay, Barnaul, Bryansk, Vladimir region, Volgograd region, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Kostroma, Krasnoyarsk, Kursk, Leningrad region, Moscow, Moscow region, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod region, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk region, Penza, Rybinsk, Ryazan, Samara, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Stavropol, Tver, Tomsk, Tomsk region, Yaroslavl.

The exhibition area of “APTEKA-2013” was 5000 sq. m

The exhibition attracted over 10,000 visitors: pharmacy chemists and pharmacists, representatives of retail and chain pharmacies, medical practitioners, developers, manufacturers and distributors of drugs and medical cosmetics, healthcare authorities.


The exposition presented the whole range of pharmacy products: drugs, medical products, medical cosmetics, nutraceuticals, baby food and products for newborns, health food, furniture and equipment for pharmacies, pharmaceutical substances and ingredients, information technologies.

The core of “APTEKA” comprises the group regular exhibitors including: “1C-Rarus”, “Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster” that consolidates medical and pharmaceutical companies of Altai, “Belfarma”, “Biokor”, Borisov Medical Preparations Plant, “Walmark”, “Galteyapharm”, “Gigrovata”, “Diamir-K”, “Design-Vector”, “Zeldis”, “Infamed”, “Naturvita”, “Nevis”, “Tandem-West”, “Tatkhimfarmpreparaty”, and many others.

Every year the exhibition presents new companies and names. In 2013 the number of the newcomers increased by 35%. Among the new exhibitors there were: “Valentis”, the group of Lithuanian pharmaceutical companies that develop, manufacture and market innovative pharmaceuticals; “Profilab”, the Russian distributor of laboratory products and equipment, “Bernarda”, the Croatian manufacturer of bed systems , as well as “VTB 24”, “Gradient”, “EuroPharm”, N.F.Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology , “Renewal” and many other companies, declaring themselves for the first time on the Russian market.

This year many exhibitors represented technologies for the pharmaceutical business: furniture, equipment, software, automated drug storage and distribution systems. This section was presented by 20 exhibitors from Russia, Italy and Finland.

The commercial equipment and pharmacy furniture was demonstrated byVitrinaTorgMebel”, “Design-Vector”, “Medinterkon”, “Niko-Mebel-Torg” “Parus & K”, “Puume” (Finland), “Tandem-West”, “ElektroInteryerDesign”, “Label Pharma” (Italy), “MIIDesign” (Italy), “Sartoretto Verna” (Italy), Promto. Software and automated solutions were showcased by “1C Rarus” Innovation Centre, “Spargo Technologies”, “Standard-N” and “Pharma Solution”. For the first time in Russia POLLYFARMA demonstrated the ROBOT POLLY storage system, manufactured in Russia. The “Pharma Solution” company showcased the authorized CareFusion/Rowa drug distributor. A mini robot-pharmacist Verso-FIXU, specially designed for small pharmacies, was demonstrated by “Erja” (Finland).

“Robots are the future of pharmacies. In Finland 12% of all pharmacies are using robots, and all newly opened pharmacy stores have robots. Russia demonstrates a great interest to this equipment”
Dmitry Tarzalaynen,
Commercial Director Russia of “Puume” (Finland)

Exhibition opening ceremony

Among the honoured guests of the official opening ceremony there were Mikhail Strigoun, executive director of “Euroexpo”, Ivan Novitsky, deputy of the Moscow City Duma, academician Valeriy Sergienko, chairman of the Committee for Entrepreneurship in Healthcare and Medical Industry of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, director of the Scientific and Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Medicine, Nelly Ignatiyeva, executive director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Galina Yuganova, head of the Organizing Committee of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum, Sergey Gorbachev, the deputy director of “Expocentre”.

The honoured guests welcomed the exhibitors, guests and the organizers and congratulated them with the 20th anniversary of the show. Sergey Gorbachev on behalf of CEC “Expocentre” awarded “Euroexpo” with the commemorative diploma. Nelly Ignatiyeva congratulated all exhibitors and guests with the anniversary of the show and noted that “just this year the government has adopted the regulation on prescription of medical drugs by the international non-proprietary name (INN), and not by its market name, calling us to be more responsible and professional, what I sincerely wish all of you”. The honoured guests wished the participants fruitful work, new ideas and beneficial contracts.

“The wellbeing and health of the people of Russia directly depend on the development of medical and pharmaceutical industries. Today one of the state’s priorities is to improve the quality of medical products and OTC drugs. And the fact that “APTEKA-2013” is held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation shows its important role in solving these problems”
Valeriy Sergienko
Academician, chairman of the Committee for Entrepreneurship in Healthcare and Medical Industry of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, director of the Scientific and Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Medicine

“The exhibition profile concerns each of us, because we are all the consumers of pharmaceutical products. “APTEKA” exhibition is a place where the consumers meet the manufacturers”
Ivan Novitsky
Deputy of the Moscow City Duma

“20 years ago “Manezh” hosted the first edition of “APTEKA” exhibition. The first exhibitors of “APTEKA” have become the leaders of the pharmaceutical market. The exhibition continues to play its important marketing role and brings new companies to the Russian market”
Galina Yuganova
Head of the Organizing Committee of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum

International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum

The International Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum annually organized within “Apteka” exhibition took place 9 - 11 December. Among the Forum’s speakers there were 43 leading experts, scientists, as well as representatives of state regulatory authorities, industry associations and mass media.

The Forum was organized by “Euroexpo” under the support and active participation of the industry’s associations and unions: Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains, “Pharmacy Guild” Non-Commercial Partnership, “Soyuzpharma” Association, Non-Commercial Partnership of Biologically Active Additives Manufacturers.

“Over the past 20 years the Forum has become the most democratic platform to discuss pressing issues. It is free to visit by any player of the pharmaceutical market: from a student to a top manager”
Galina Yuganova
Head of the Organizing Committee of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum

The anniversary intense programme highlighted the most topical issues of the pharmaceutical industry. One of the most popular sections was “Who knows what tomorrow holds? A promising scenario of the pharmaceutical business development up to 2020” organized by the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing.

The Forum’s programme included 10 sections and 44 reports:

  • Regulatory process in pharmaceutical industry. How to ensure the affordability of drugs?
    1. Committee’s plans on legislative developments in drug circulation issues
    2. Drug provision for the certain categories of citizens
    3. What has changed in state procurement procedure?
    4. Road map of GPP introduction in a pharmacy. Experience of Kazakhstan
    5. Role of patient organizations in modern healthcare system
    6. How hospital pharmacy can become a treatment process driver in a medical and prophylactic institution
  • H-hour for the Russian pharmaceutical industry: GMP-2014
    1. Adoption of new GMP rules: securing the status of the Russian manufacturer and wide opportunities for local manufacturers
    2. Advantages of Russian manufacturers by adopting the new rules
    3. Why do we need GMP inspections?
    4. Experience of Ukrainian manufacturers in GMP standards adoption
    5. The authorized person: role, functions and training
  • System approach in pharmacy management
    1. Money and drugs: where’s the profit?
    2. New interaction model on the pharmacy chains market
    3. Introduction of efficient management system for pharmacy business profit increasing
    4. Role of software in pharmacy management
  • Road map scenario for pharmacy activities
    1. Current state and development prospects of retail pharmacy chains in Russia
    2. Life on loan
    3. Evolution of pharmacy trademark: from Private Label to CTM
    4. A shop or a pharmacy? The customer’s choice
    5. “Unified communications within the pharmaceutical retail” - the project of the Association of Independent Pharmacies
  • Who knows what tomorrow holds? A promising scenario of the pharmaceutical business development up to 2020
    1. Pharmaceutical distributors: why they will die in 5-7 years. Who will replace them? Why changes are not possible?
    2. New opportunities for pharmaceutical business
    3. Further development of pharmaceutical distribution and pharmacy retail
    4. Pharmacy business in Russia: casting nets again
    5. The results of amateur discount experiments
    6. Staff dependency problems in regional pharmacy chains
  • To the business efficiency collection: customer-oriented approach
    1. Customer-oriented approach as it is
    2. Why and how many? Check points in assortment profile formation
    3. How and with whom? Building typical customer communication models
  • Control and supervision of drug circulation. Audit practice in accordance with new legislative changes
    1. On regulatory and supervisory activities in pharmaceutical sphere. Audits and inspections: experience and results. Licensing of pharmaceutical activities
    2. New regulations in drug circulation, controlled drugs, rules of registration of operations connected with drug circulation
  • Regulatory control and non-regulatory pharmacy activities
    1. Pharmacy: from challenges to opportunities
    2. Pharmaceutical retail: social commerce or sociality trading
    3. What the pharmacy consulting brings and why incompetence can be dangerous
    4. Learning pharmacy business properly
    5. Pharmacy business: interpretation of reality
  • BAA in Russia: to be or not to be
    1. Trends of nutrition optimization in Russia and in the world
    2. BAA market in Russia: figures and components
    3. Regulation issues of BAA circulation in the Customs Union
  • Corporate University of a pharmacy chain: looking into the future
    1. Building pharmacy staff training & development system. When and why we need a corporate university
    2. Staff assessment and certification. Mentoring. Staff reserve
    3. Emergency situations in pharmacy work
    4. Quality control in a pharmacy chain. What a “correct” standard of services is and how it can increase the average bill in a pharmacy
    5. Whip or carrot: an efficient employee motivation in a pharmacy chain

The Forum’s speakers:

1. Svetlana Abramova, Chef Editor on Special Projects of “Bionica Media”

2. Rimma Abramovich, Director of the Scientific and Research Centre of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship

3. Alexander Alexandrov, President of “Vialek” Group, Auditor of the European Organization of Quality (EOQ), Chief Editor of “Chistyye Pomeshcheniya i Tekhnologicheskiye Sredy” magazine

4. Tatiana Apolonova, Executive Director of “Healthy People St. Petersburg”

5. Nikolay Bespalov, Director on Research and Consulting of “Pharmexpert”

6. Vladimir Boyko, Commercial Operations Director of “МSD CC” in Russia and the CIS

7. Alla Buylova, Adviser of the Department for Control over State Procurement of the Federal Antimonopoly Service

8. Elena Glushchenko, Business Coach, HR consultant

9. Nikolay Demidov, General Director of “IMS Health Russia and CIS”

10. Victor Dmitriev, General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

11. Valeriy Zhidkov, doctor, President of “Medintercon”

12. Nelly Ignatiyeva, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains

13. German Inozemtsev, Strategy and Development Director of Synovate Comcon Healthcare, Co-Chairman of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

14. Alla Kaminskaya, Business Coach

15. Alexander Kondratyev, Managing partner of the Association of Independent Pharmacies

16. Vladimir Kornyushin, Director of “MedInfoReview” Information and Analytical Centre

17. Igor Korobkin, Deputy Director on International Business of «Stirolbiofarm”, Ukraine

18. Yuriy Krestinsky, Director of the Institute of Institute of Public Healthcare Development

19. Irina Krupnova, Head of the Department of State Control for Drug Circulation of the Federal Service of Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor)

20. Alexander Kuzin, Commercial Director of “Rigla” Pharmacy Chain, Member of the Coordination Board of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

21. Pavel Lisovsky, Managing Partner of “Control System Design”, Adviser on Pharmacy Profitability Issues

22. Leonid Maryanovsky, Executive Director of the Non-Commercial Partnership of Biologically Active Additives Manufacturers (NPP BAA)

23. David Melik-Huseynov, Director of Social Economy Centre

24. Elena Nevolina, Executive Director of “Pharmacy Guild” Non-Commercial Partnership

25. Natalia Nikolaeva, Head of the Department of Organization of Licensing of Pharmaceutical Activities and Activities in the Sphere of Circulation of Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs of the MoH of RF

26. Evgeniy Nifantyev, General Director of “ Neofarm”

27. Alexander Novolotsky, Director of “Aptekar” Information Centre

28. Svetlana Orlova, Professor of the Chair of Clinical Threpsology of the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Training of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship

29. Irina Osmolovskaya, Quality Director of “R-Farm”

30. Victor Plakhotnikov, Business Coach

31. Marina Ponomareva, Leading Regulatory Expert of EAS Russia & CIS Region

32. Alexander Saversky, President of the League for Patients' Rights Protection

33. Alexander Semenov, General Director of “First Aid”

34. Villoriy Strukov, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Penza Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education

35. Alexander Tarasov, First Vice President of “ROSTA”

36. Elena Telnova, Leading Research Associate of the National Research Institute of Public Health

37. Nina Telpukhovskaya, Business Coach, Leading Pharmacy Business Specialist

38. Sergey Umarov, Research Consultant of “Massar. Complete Healthcare Solutions”

39. Galina Khaustova, Business Coach, Managing Partner of the Telemarketing Academy

40. Dmitry Tselousov, Executive Director of “Soyuzpharma” Association

41. Sergey Shulyak, General Director of “DSM group”

42. Rosa Yagudina, Head of the Laboratory of Pharmacoeconomics of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

43. Artem Yanovsky, representative of the State Duma Healthcare Committee

Forum’s seminars and round tables:

  • “Medintercon” held a seminar “Health control electronic monitors: a modern pharmacy’s innovation. Social and economic aspects”;
  • ARAGON organized the session of B2B meetings with Polish companies from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Over 1500 industry specialists took part in the forum’s work.

The detailed information about the Forum’s programme is on http://www.aptekaexpo.ru/forum/

Visitor continence

One of the organizer’s priorities is to create the comfortable working conditions for exhibitors and visitors. To make the visitor navigation easier, the organizers have developed the free mobile exhibition guide for Android based smart phones and iPhones, so the visitors could line out a route, get detailed information about the exhibitors, check business programme schedule.

Promotion of “APTEKA” exhibition

Every year “Euroexpo”, the exhibition organizer involves new tools for exhibition promotion. This year they used direct mail, banner and contextual advertising in the internet, SEO of the exhibition’s website, e-mail marketing, as well as mailing invitations, outdoor advertising, TV advertising. The “APTEKA” exhibition is supported by industry’s trade associations and unions and by over 100 mass media.

See you next year at the
21th International Specialized Exhibition “APTEKA-2014” that will be held on 8-11 December 2014 in CEC “Expocentre”


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